Saturday, March 26, 2016


A saluki dog is great for hunting for rabbits. They are the oldest breed of domestic dogs. These dogs are tall and slender. A saluki is a great runner if you put a mechanic bunny in front of them. They have silky fur, large droopy ears, and fringed feet. They do not bark much and are calm, polite creatures. Also, they become shy and suspicious when they are not socializing my with the owner. This dog is athletic, can run great heights and run 45 mph. They are easy to take care of, including their soft elegant coat. I can see why salukis are SIUc's mascot, which is the school of my dreams.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Elephants eat a lot, starting from grass to bananas. They are the symbol of family because they never leave one of their members behind. Once a member passes away, they make a circle in respect. Also, the one that is closer to the member that passed away becomes depressed and slowly dies. Also, an elephant gestation period is almost 2 years, it is  22 months! They are the largest land animals in the world. I find elephants as amazing creature, they are beautiful and lovable. They eat up to 300 to 400 pounds of food a day. Elephants mostly mate during rainy seasons. A calf weighs from 200 to 250 pounds when born.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Donkeys are very strong and intelligent animals. They will not do something that is considered as unsafe. They come in herds and make the strongest donkey the leader of the herd. Also, donkeys groom each other in the same ways monkeys and chimps do. They are not easily started like horses are and are curious creatures. They make decisions based on their safety. A donkey can hear another donkey call to them from 60 miles away in a desert. They have fairly large ears, which can cool them down. Donkeys can live for over 50 years. Another interesting fact is their fur is not waterproof so they do not like being out in the rain and it can damage their health. Lastly, they do not mind being surrounded by a herd of goats, even though they enjoy being with a herd of other donkeys.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hippopotamus are the third largest land animal. The male Hippos can weigh up to 9,920 pounds. Hippos can only survive in areas with a large amounts of water, for instance; rivers and lakes. The water cools down the hippo in the Africa heat. They spend their day in the water and night out hunting for food. Hippos are very social animals and hang out in groups. Schools of hippos usually consist of 10 to 30 members of hippos, both females and males. The groups are usually led by a male hippo. Hippos are very aggressive and dangerous. Also, hippos can not swim, they move by pushing off of objects under the water.