Wednesday, April 13, 2016


People usually ask what the difference is between an alpaca and a llama. To be honest they are not that much different, alpacas are just bigger than llamas. If you are wondering, yes they do spit, but only if they are feeling threatened or has been abused by their owner. Their fur has the second strongest fibers, after sheep. Also, there are twenty-two different colored alpacas, but only two different breeds. They look a little goofy after getting shaved, they still have their fur all around their face. They are very social, too. They enjoy being surrounded by their friends and getting the chance to chat. That is why it is better to have two, than one alpaca. There are alpaca farms all over the world, they are not wild creatures. Alpacas enjoy humming. They have three stomachs like cows. Baby alpacas are called crias. These are the few interesting facts most do not know about alpacas.

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